Nick Wilson

Nick has for most of his life played in brass bands and it was through this that he got a taste for the theatre. Back in 2007 Banbury Cross Players approached the Hook Norton Brass Band, Nick’s band at the time, to work together to put on a production of Brassed Off! by Paul Allen The band jumped at the opportunity and it went on to be a fantastic success. It is still talked about fondly to this day by cast and audience members alike. In this production Nick played one of the band members in the Grimley Colliery Band and was one of the smaller ensemble who appeared and performed at various times throughout the play. Whilst his part was primarily non-speaking he did deliver his one line ‘Aright Danny’ with great gusto. Tara, Rob and Jem were cast as three of the leading characters. Since then, the group have remained friends and have continued in their theatrical pursuits both with Banbury Cross Players and together as Peppered Wit Productions.

Whilst Nick has not yet trodden the boards since his Brassed Off! debut he has continued to be an invaluable member of the production team with Peppered Wit Productions. Primarily he has taken on the role of Stage Manager but within such a small group enjoys getting involved in all aspects of putting on the shows. He is keen to learn and with the help and guidance of the other members will be taking the opportunity to learn the ropes and get to grips with lighting for the next run of shows.

Peppered Wit Productions have a strong work ethic which is important to ensure that the shows are of the highest quality possible. This does not however mean that we don’t have fun. Rehearsals are always a laugh and tours are just the best. Nick’s first tour was with The Collector by Mark Healy at Camden Fringe in 2013. Since then he has helped the group take Blink by Phil Porter to both Camden in 2016 and the Brighton Fringe in 2017.