Nothing To Lose

Nothing To Lose

What would you do if you only had six months to live? When notorious gangster Tommy ‘Twinkle Toes’ Abbott joins the ‘Speak Out About Cancer’ support group there’s only one thing for it – rob the bank on the High Street… 

A diverse group of characters, brought together by their terminal illnesses, suddenly discover there’s more to life than chemo and visits to the oncology department.

From dramatic disguises to an ice-cream van getaway vehicle, this dark comedy explores how each character deals with their illness, forms new friendships (or rekindles old ones), and opens up about what they want to leave as their legacies. 

The only question is: will they get away with it?

The balance of power has shifted, because there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. After all, we’re all serving life sentences, aren’t we?

Tommy ‘Twinkle Toes’ Abbott

About the Production

Peppered Wit received the script for Nothing to Lose in January 2020. Written as a Festival play, it was immediately recognised as a fresh piece of theatre that fitted the creative ethos of the theatre company. 

However, the ensuing lockdown due to COVID-19 meant that this play looked likely to be shelved. 

Nothing to Lose in rehearsal via Zoom

Tara Lacey, Creative Director at Peppered Wit, had already had one production brought to a halt due to the pandemic, having directed and prepared Howard Brenton’s ‘Anne Boleyn’ to run in early April at The Loft Theatre in Royal Leamington Spa. 

Instead, Peppered Wit, working with the playwright, Sarah McCay Tams, pivoted Nothing To Lose to take advantage of a more digital way of working. Actors rehearsed via Zoom.

An international collaboration was formed, as the creative talents of cinematographer Luis Sanchez Alba, and animator Eduardo Rubio, both from Spain, were brought onboard to work alongside the cast and prepare Nothing To Lose for a digital film audience.

This unique theatre production on film will premiere this summer.

About the Playwright

Sarah McCay Tams

Sarah McCay Tams is a seasoned travel journalist and content marketer, with years of writing experience under her belt. Nothing to Lose is her first play. 

In 2019, Sarah’s father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Having already lost her mum to the same disease as a teenager, Sarah once again found herself making frequent visits to the oncology department.

It was here her dark comedy was born. ‘What would you do if you really had nothing to lose,’ was a question she often found herself asking. How brave, or crazy, selfish, or inspired would you be knowing the clock was running down?

Sarah grew up in Banbury, North Oxfordshire. She spent many years living and working abroad as a travel journalist, and now lives in Staffordshire with her husband and children. 

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