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Shake the History Tree
Shake the History Tree – Mistresses Bess, Rose & Ursula
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A trio of ‘intrepid time-travellers’ – experienced education performers, Shake the History Tree – Mistresses Bess, Rose & Ursula – bring their immersive historical, theatrical workshops to schools.

Authentically costumed, with props and atmosphere, the performers guide the children through Shakespeare’s England of the 17th Century, passionately bringing history and your chosen play to life!

Piloted at Bishop Loveday School, Bodicote, Banbury and Deddington Primary School, these workshops have proved extremely popular with teachers and pupils alike.

What the teachers said:

[The children] were totally engaged and loved every minute, including some who do not always engage with learning or this type of interactive activity.”

“The children were enthralled from the moment they walked into your ‘theatre’ and have learnt so much about Shakespearean times.”

“The workshop was fantastic!”

“It was incredible to see how linking performance with education made such a difference to their learning.”

“Those children who wouldn’t normally stand out in front of the class within a ‘normal’ working environment had the opportunity to shine!

“Wonderful day with Year 6 at Deddington Primary School today! Here’s a little feedback from our day:

“From start to finish, the children were focussed, excited and engaged.”

“[The team] made the ‘Globe Theatre’ come to life. Using the language of the 1600s, the class (Year 6) were mesmerized”.

“Thoroughly enjoyable; would definitely recommend.”

Managed by Peppered Wit’s Creative Director, Tara Lacey, under the banner of ‘Shake The History Tree – Linking Education with Performance.’

Based in Oxfordshire/Warwickshire, please contact Shake The History Tree for more information either on Facebook (search ‘Shake The History Tree’) or email:

Theatre Skills & Drama Classes

We focus on encouraging and inspiring 4-11yr old Home Educated children, teaching them theatre and associated skills through activities, play and performance. Each class lasts approximately one hour.

Shake the History Tree class

Based on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border, we offer these classes to small groups of children who benefit from bonding with each other and the camaraderie of the class, as well as learning practical stage skills! During lockdown restrictions, these classes are currently held once a week on Zoom.

The classes are age-appropriate, so younger children develop through play and games, as well as simple scripts, etc. Older children and teenagers are encouraged to develop their theatre skills more formally, through regular performance.

The skills these children develop are so important for their growing confidence and emotional expression. We have seen a huge change in the most shy of children, after only a handful of weeks. Above all, we refocus and have constructive fun!

You are such an amazing teacher – everyone loved your work, the way you contained the kids, how you inspired them and how you began giving them the joy of embodying reality and imagination!!! Simply wonderful!

DS (Parent & Home Ed Liaison), Oxfordshire 2020