2 thoughts on “Review of Awkward!

  1. Message for Rob Hall. I was trawling through lists of play festivals trying find a group who might be interested in my work . What a shock when I saw your face! Never ever thought you would do The Collector again. Hope you have come up with some original ideas, what I did at KBDG, is a bit old hat now. I was sorry you never replied to my 2nd email because I have written a play for you and Emily. Only one act but its quite powerful. I am disabled now, until the surgeon’s knife slices me up a little so will be unable to get to Camden so best wishes.
    Robert L. Miles MA BA(hons)

    1. Hi Rob! Sorry I think I did reply to your email, apologies if I didn’t though. Emily. KBDG and I had a fall out when I and Peppered Wit went to Edinburgh last year.
      Yes The Collector is a classic play and I couldn’t resist the chance to take it to London and show it to that audience. I think you did an amazing job when we did it for KBDG and the reviews bear that out. Your direction is why I love the play so much and I can still hear your words in rehearsals now!
      I hope the surgeons knife can get you more mobile soon. I would really like it if you could come and see The Collector when we take it to the Mill Arts Centre, Banbury on September 11th. Best wishes, Rob.

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