Blink – Brighton Fringe


by Phil Porter

“ Raw, real and utterly brilliant”

Unconventional, quirky and voyeuristic, this funny delicate often ’heart-rending’ love story cleverly weaves themes of loneliness, bereavement and consensual stalking (!) into the intimate and engaging story of Jonah, Sophie and a fox called Scruffilitis.

Peppered Wit Productions bring their five star show, written by award winning playwright Phil Porter to Brighton, having moved audiences during the 2016 Camden Fringe with ‘superb performances from both Lacey and Hall’ of the sheltered Jonah and the vulnerable Sophie.

This slick, tight-knit company use vibrant multimedia to add an extra dimension to their ‘beautiful, poignant and humorous’ storytelling.

Peppered Wit have toured fringe theatre throughout the UK including Edinburgh Fringe (2012) and Camden Fringe (2013/16) impressing audiences with their ‘chilling and thought-provoking’ interpretation of Mark Healy’s ‘The Collector’, described as ‘excellent and effortlessly believable’.

This Oxfordshire quintet, a merry band of actors and musicians first met performing the stage version of ‘Brassed Off’ in their local theatre.


  • BLINK will be at Sweet Waterfront 1 (Venue *?*) from 29th May – 4th June at 5.30pm (80 mins) with tickets priced at £9.50.  
  • Brighton Fringe Web Link:
  • Show Twitter: @pepperedwit

Visit us at #sweetbrighton

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